Overview of the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature

The Faculty of Linguistic and Literature (FLL) is one of the most long-standing faculties of UED-UD. During the past 45 years, Faculty of Linguistics and Literature has overcome many difficulties to make great contributions to the national, regional and local development, especially in the Central and Highlands Vietnam.

The Faculty of Linguistics and Literature’s main mission is to provide high-qualified human resources and to equip literary teachers with knowledge and skills to meet the continuous development needs of the whole country and the Central and Highlands Vietnam in particular.

The Faculty of Linguistics and Literature is also a prestigious educational and research institution for social sciences and humanities research; is a reliable training centre, providing high qualified human resources for universities, colleges, high schools, newsrooms, radios, television outlets, the national and local Party and State authorities and so on.

Additionally, the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature is promoting the scientific research and international cooperation activities to meet the requirements of industrialization, modernization and international integration process.

The Faculty of Linguistics and Literature has a total of 30 full-time academic staffs, including 04 Associate Professor, 12 Doctors, 12 MAs, 02 BAs. Two academic staffs are currently studying post-graduate. There are also 5 part-time, visiting lecturers and guest speakers working at FLL. Our staffs are graduated not only at Vietnam top ten universities but also at leading universities in the more developed countries, i.e. the UK, the US, he Netherlands, Australia, China and Taiwan.

In accordance with enhancing professional knowledge and teaching skills, academic staff is encouraged to conduct research at all levels. The academic staff are granted with the State, Ministry, UD and UED funds for research. In addition, there is an upward trend in the number of the lecturers’ research publications, and some of those are published on leading international journals. The faculty frequently organizes international and national conferences, workshops and seminars in the fields of Literature and Linguistics, media and communication studies to enhance the staff’s research competence and exchange scientific research topics with colleague around the world. We are also making effort to establish a research hub at the faculty, aiming to make the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature a leading research centre in Vietnam.

The Faculty of Linguistics and Literature offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Postgraduate Level:
1 - Vietnamese Literature (Master and PhD)
2 - Linguistics (Master and PhD)
3 - Theory and methods of teaching Literature (Master)

4 - Bachelor in Philology Teacher Education
5 - Bachelor of Literature Studies
6 - Bachelor of Cultural Studies
7 - Bachelor of Journalism Studies
8 - Bachelor of High Quality Journalism Studies
9 - Bachelor of Vietnam Study for foreigners
10 - Vietnamese language (for foreigners)
11 - The foundation subjects for other faculties at UED and in UD's member schools

Over 45 years of development, the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature has trained approximately 11.500 bachelors. The employment rate after one year of graduation is at 90%. Some of the post-graduates are principals of middle and high schools and senior managers at national and local state authorities.

In addition to the undergraduate and postgraduate training programs, our Faculty also offers a wide range of vocational qualifications for foreigners who want to learn Vietnamese, such as: a one year pre-sessional course for academic Vietnamese, short-term Vietnamese language training for foreigners. In 2020, our faculty members published 6 volumes of Vietnamese textbooks for foreigners. Our university is one of five universities in the country assigned by the Ministry of Education and Training to foster and evaluate Vietnamese language skills and grant Vietnamese certificates to foreigners. Thanks to the proactive innovation in many aspects of training, in recent years we are highly appreciated by many international alumni from Laos, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Italy, and Portugal, Germany as a reliable centre for Vietnamese language studies. Some international students after graduation decided to stay in Vietnam to work and continue to accompany us in training activities.
Our faculty has also cooperated with foreign universities to run student exchange programs. Currently, we have sent and received exchanged students from Kaohsiung University, Taiwan; Yunnan Normal University and Guizhou University, China; and the University of Bonn, Germany.

The application of theoretical knowledge is one of our critical training missions. Therefore, we always encourage students to conduct scientific research or to carry out project-based assignment to promote their ability and skills in applying knowledge to daily life. The annual student research conference is always a big event that is of great interest to our students and lecturers. Many of our students’ projects have been highly recognised at the Council at all levels.

In addition to studying, our students also participate in various practical and extra-curricular activities. These activities help develop students’ soft skills and improve their activeness and confidence. Extra-curricular activities also help students and international students strengthen their mutual relationships. Vietnamese students can learn English, Chinese, Korean, Laos and some other languages from foreigners whereas international students have opportunities to practice Vietnamese speaking and to learn about Vietnamese culture.
Our students also actively participate art or sport clubs. We also focus on strengthening volunteer activities and community services for students. Green summer is a volunteer activity that always makes a special impression for students at the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature. Every year, the Youth Union, together with the Faculty organises a charity trip to a rural or mountainous area. Students can offer teaching to children at that area or raise fund to do a charity project for the local community where they visit. 

Over 45 years of development, Faculty of Linguistics and Literature, University of Science and Education, the University of Danang is proud to be a prestigious and qualified training and research institution in the Central and Vietnam. With what we have achieved over the years, we are proud to copperate with other training units in the ASEAN, continuing to develop a sustainable integrated learning community for our strong ASEAN.

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