Announcement on Application and Admission to Master's Programs in Phase 2 of 2022 – Course 46

Friday - 30/09/2022 18:41
The University of Danang – Univeristy of Science and Education would like to announce the Application and Admission to Master's Programs in Phase 2 of 2022 – course 46, as follows:
1. Major/Specialization, training program and enrollment quota
STT Code Industry/Specialization
Training program
NC . orientation Orientation
8140101 Education, including majors: 37
School of Education x  
Primary education   x
Preschool education   x
8140111 Theory and methods of teaching the subject, including the following specialties: 39
Theory and methods of teaching Mathematics   x
Theory and methods of teaching Informatics   x
Theory and methods of teaching Physics   x
Theory and methods of teaching Biology   x
Theory and methods of teaching Linguistics   x
Theory and methods of teaching Geography   x
8140114 Education Management   x 37
8440114 Organic chemistry x   16
8440119 Theoretical chemistry and physical chemistry x   13
8420101 Biological x x 20
8460113 Elementary Math Methods   x 28
8480104 Information system   x 22
8220121 Vietnamese literature x   21
8229020 Study of language x   15
8310630 Vietnamese studies x   23
8229013 Vietnam history x   15
8850101 Resource and environment management   x 18
2. Enrollment method : entrance examination combined with the test of foreign language ability (English). The selection criteria can be found in Appendix II.
3. Time and form of training
- Training period: from 18 months to 24 months (1.5-2 years).
- Form of training: full-time and working while studying (Saturday, Sunday).
4. Tuition fees and support policies
- Tuition fees for the first semester of the academic year 2022-2023: according to Notice No. 764/TB-ĐHSP dated July 25, 2022 of the University of Education - the University of Danang.
- The roadmap for increasing tuition fees each year shall comply with the State's regulations.
5. Subjects and conditions to apply
a) Diploma
-Have graduated or have met the conditions for recognition of university graduation (or equivalent qualifications or higher) in the right field, the industry close to the industry / major to apply for. Graduates of close universities must participate in additional knowledge courses according to regulations of the University.
- Candidates for the research-oriented training program must graduate from Good or higher or have scientific publications related to the field they will study and research;
- Holders of university degrees in some other disciplines can apply for an application-oriented training program in the field of "Educational Management" or "Management of natural resources and environment" after taking the scholarship. additional knowledge according to the regulations of the University;
List of correct majors, close majors, other majors and modules that must be supplemented with knowledge before attendingFor admission to the master's degree, please refer to the website .
Note: University degrees , transcripts issued by foreign educational institutions must carry out the recognition procedures according to current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and take additional courses according to the regulations of the University (if any).
b) About the results of additional learning
For candidates who are required to take additional courses, candidates must register at the Training Department, University of Education - the University of Danang and have satisfactory results. pre-qualification requirements.
c ) About professional work experience
Holders of a university degree in another discipline mentioned in Point a, Section 5, to take the exam for the "Educational Management" or "Environmental Management" majors must have at least 02 (two) years of working experience in the field. registration area from the time of receiving the university diploma to the date of registration for the exam, certified by the working agency.
d) Regarding foreign language
ability Reaching foreign language ability at Level 3 or higher according to the 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework for Vietnam, specifically as follows:
- Having a university degree or higher in languages foreign; or a university degree or higher diploma where the program is conducted primarily in a foreign language;
Bachelor's degree or higher due toUniversity of Danang member educational institutions grant within 2 years that the program's output standards have met the foreign language requirements of reaching Level 3 or higher according to the 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework. for Vietnam;
- Having one of the foreign language diplomas or certificates at a level equivalent to Level 3 or higher according to the 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework for Vietnam specified in Appendix I or other equivalent certificates issued by the Ministry of Education and Training announced, valid until the date of registration.
- Candidates who do not have the above diplomas or certificates will take part in the assessment of foreign language ability at the University of Foreign Languages ​​and International Studies - UD and must achieve foreign language ability at Level 3 or higher (according to the Foreign Language Competency Framework 6). level for Vietnam) before admission.
6. Application form and fee
Fill in the registration information at the link
a) Application
form - Application form;
- Notarized copies of diplomas, certificates , transcripts ;
- Curriculum Vitae (within 03 months up to the time of application submission);
- Health certificate (within 06 months from the time of application submission);
- Proof of valid foreign language;
- Valid proof of priority (if any);
- Proof of payment of application fee;
- Proof of payment of fees for the foreign language proficiency test (for candidates taking the test).
b) Fees
- Fees for application processing and admission:200,000 VND/candidate/documentation
- Foreign language assessment exam fee:1,000,000 VND/candidate/test
. one of the following forms:
         - Direct deposit Cash payment at the Department of Planning and Finance (A2-203),University of Education - University of Danang; Phone: 0236.3841618 (109). - Deposit via account+ Beneficiary: University of Education - University of Danang;          + Account number:
56010001161647; Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam.
         + Content of transfer: Registration code, full name, date of birth, phone number and reason for fee payment .
7. Enrollment plan
- Receive documents: from the date of the announcement to the end of November 25, 2022 (Friday)
- Time for the assessment of foreign language ability: according to the exam schedule of the University of Foreign Languages
​​- Time time to announce the results of the entrance exam and admission: expected on December 23
, 2022 - Admission time: January 2023 .
8. Application Location
Candidates submit their application in person or by post to one of the following locations:
1. Training Department (A2-103) , University of Education - University of Danang; No. 459, Ton Duc Thang, Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city; Tel: 02363. 841618 (114).
2. Training Department, University of Danang Branch in Kon Tum, No. 704 Phan Dinh Phung, Kon Tum City, Kon Tum Province; phone: 0260.6509559 (or contact Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, phone: 0934876005).
9. Contact information for
Training Department, University of Pedagogy; No. 459, Ton Duc Thang, Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city; Tel: 02363. 841618 (114).


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