Sunday - 16/10/2022 23:36
Associate Professor Le Duc Luan (PhD)
The article explores conceptual metaphors LOVE IS A Illness based on the theoretical basis of conceptual metaphors, through a survey in the book "Treasure of Vietnamese folk songs" to find the verbal expressions that express hidden meanings. example of this concept. On the basis of experimentation, the characteristics of the source domain CANH BINH are shown through the irradiation model between the source domain and the target domain LOVE. Linguistic expression of related attributes of conceptual metaphor LOVE IS A DISEASE is a state of similarity between the source domain and the target domain. It is the similarity in terms of the cause of the disease, the carrier of the disease, and the state of manifestation of the disease. The aspects of love disease in folk songs include: psychological aspect, state aspect, and pathological aspect.
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